How to nominate a Baron of Barossa

People become Barons by invitation. The decision to invite a person to join the Barons' fraternity is made by the Grand Council of the Barons of Barossa.

Nominations can be made by any Baron via the nomination form below. Induction of new Barons typically occurs annually.


Barons are chosen as they have:

  • Contributed significantly to the Barossa community in any of the areas mentioned in the Barons Charter; and 
  • Promoted and upheld Brand Barossa in a wider context; and
  • A proven history of promoting and supporting the Barossa; or
  • Have shown significant philanthropy towards the Barossa.
  • Barons come from a diverse range of industries and parts of the community.
  • Barons do not have to reside in the Barossa.
  • Expectations of a Baron


When accepting nomination to become a Baron, a person undertakes to:

  • enthusiastically support initiatives established by the Grand Council;
  • bring to the fraternity via the GC, AGM or at other meetings and events, ideas and feedback;
  • further enhance the Barossa and the Barons;
  • promote and foster the Barossa, its people, organisations and industries and in particular its wines, gastronomy and viticultural product;
  • foster the Barossa culture and friendly relationships within the Barossa community;


The appointment is an honour in recognition of service to the Barossa. In lieu of an annual membership Barons are invited to donate each year to the Bruce Thiele Memorial Trust.

The Grand Council

To be on the Grand Council you have to be a Baron. The Grand Council members are nominated by Barons and elected by Barons at the AGM. Positions on the Grand Council are for terms of two years, with the opportunity to renominate for further terms. Nominations are sought from Barons for each position when they fall due and elections, if needed, held to coincide with the appropriate AGM. The AGM is held each year before the 31st August.

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