Barossa Viticulturist of the Year

Anyone is welcome to nominate someone for Barossa Viticulturist of the Year who they feel embodies the following criteria.

To download the criteria click here for pdf and click here for word doc. Nomination forms are available via the links at the bottom of this page.

Definition of a Barossa Viticulturist

A resident of the region who produces grapes in the Barossa
Has established and/or is actively engaged in growing Barossa grapes

Selection Criteria

Includes any combination of the following:

  • Has made a positive contribution to the Barossa grape growing community
  • Adheres to quality standards to produce Barossa grapes of excellence
  • Produces grapes that exhibit and respect Barossa tradition and regionality whilst practicing innovation in techniques, varieties or styles
  • Has produced grapes that have contributed to outstanding wines recognised at domestic and/or international level
  • Generously shares their knowledge on an informal or formal basis with others in the region
  • Continually strives for sustainable viticulture
  • Actively contributes to the Barossa community

Annual Selection Process

Selection panel to consist of a minimum of 5 members who may be from:

  • Barons of Barossa
  • Barossa Grape & Wine Association
  • Independent suitably qualified people nominated at the Barons of Barossa discretion

Nominated viticulturist to be made aware of his/her responsibilities prior to acceptance

Award Presentation

Presentation at Declaration of Vintage (3rd Sunday in February)
Presented to the individual viticulturist, not to his/her company

Responsibilities of the Barossa Viticulturist of the Year

  • To participate in the promotion of the Barossa and The Barossa Cellar (as possible) when requested by the Barons of Barossa or Barossa Grape & Wine Association Executive (may include attendance at special tastings, assist with/host visiting media, trade and VIPs)
  • To host or assist with a regional workshop or field day in an area of his/her interest and/or expertise
  • To attend the following year’s Declaration of Vintage and participate in the recognition of that year’s recipient


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